50 Shades of Mac

People around him know maybe a couple of things about this guy but that’s the least that they know. He’s not a bipolar or a schizoprenic. He just have lots of characteristics and a whole lot of wonderful things in him. He’s not just light blue or dark blue, there are lots of other shades in between. Let’s roll it out. 🙂

  • 1He loves God, no doubt in that. He is a very prayerful man and he wants to be everything that God wants him to be. His life is a wonderful testimony of how a life can be changed through God. Really, God is amazing in his life.
  • He is p2assionate in what he is doing. Give him a task or a role or an assignment and expect him to really work it out. He is a worship leader and he does really well.
  • He is a respo3nsible citizen. He votes. He follows traffic rules. He is aware of national issues. Oh, he just loves the Philippines so much. He also has lots of attempts to promote the beauty of our country through photographs.


  • Look at that hardworking man over there. The picture says it all (hahaha). Anything about computer, technology, etc, leave it all to him. He loves it. He’s the first one I run to when my computer crashes down. 😀


  • His dreams are BIG. By big, I really mean BIG. He dreams for a really high paying job, a fast multiplying cell, business to own and an incredible family in the future. He knows it’s gonna happen because those dreams in his very heart are from the very heart of God.


  • He is VAIN! He might not admit that but he is. He secretly takes selfies but of course he won’t use #selfie. But yes, he is vain. He always likes to look good (and take a picture of it hahaha).


  • Another thing about him is that, he is SUPER VAIN. Hahaha! Now I’m kidding. What I mean is, he just really loves himself. He knows how to soothe himself whenever he is stressed. He won’t deny himself of something that he thinks he really need. It’s not that he is selfish, he just knows how to reward himself and he values who he is. He pushes his opinions and suggestions especially when he knows he has a point. He looks at himself as how God sees him.


  • He can be a bully at times (or many times). He always “kurot” me and he always point out my fats. BAD! He would also take funny pictures of people and post somewhere. REALLY FUNNY HUH!


  • He loves to unwind. Working in the office and facing your computer all day long is really stressful. From time to time, he likes strolling in the mall or taking a solo/mini photowalk.


  • Moody. Yes, he is. Sometimes he’s happy then all of a sudden he’ll be quiet or he’ll get mad or whatever. But that makes him HUMAN. He just needs to release it then everything will go back to normal. Just like almost everyone.


  • He has his melancholic side. There are times that he just wants to be alone, reflecting, writing some song lines, blogging or anything that he can express his feelings except of talking. He’s not emo. He just has his own way of expressing things.

  • 12And yes, he also has a sanguine side. It never fails. He has a way that makes people laugh and lose burdens by his jokes or simple things that really burst out that HAHAHA in us. This is one thing that I really like about him. He can make people happy and it’s never boring when you are with him.


  • Oh and before I forget, he also has a choleric side. Like a boss. He wants things to be done right away. There is a leader inside of him. He is not bossy but sometimes he gets frustrated when things are not going the way it should be. The choleric side of him makes him responsible for things assigned to him.


  • And this is the phlegmatic him. Sometimes, he won’t react right away but he is not SLOW. He just thinks about things first. He sometimes have “nganga” moments. Hihihi 😀


  • He is different. He will surprise you with things you will never expect from him.


  • He is a happy co-worker. I’m not his officemate but I think he is fun to work with. Look at those faces.


  • He loves to sleep. He really does. He would prefer to sleep than to eat. He would choose to take a nap than exercise. He loves to sleep. Bow.


  • He loves to eat. It is funny but one thing that made us closer is our choice of food. We love pizza, ice cream, milk tea, pasta, chicken, tinola, champorado, etc.


  • He loves Apple products. Not just because he is Mac. I don’t know, he just has a special affair with Apple Products. Now I’m thinking if he is a secret son of Steve Jobs.


  • He loves to play computer games. He can sit and play for long hours. It’s hard to disturb him when he’s playing. Haha! It is one way for him to lessen stress.


  • He loves digital photography and he is really good in it. Give him an SLR and he’s good to go. He loves experimenting on post processing photos and sometimes, he uses magic to make photos really amazing! Viola!


  • There is a mysterious side of him. There are things that you’ll never know about him unless you come really close to him.


  • He’s insane. Actually, he likes to work out and get that toned body. What is taking him so long? I don’t know. 😀 but he’s putting effort in it so let’s wait for his blog about health and fitness. Hahaha!


  • He is a runner wannabe. I remembered how happy he was when we went out of the Nike store with his brand new running shoes. He wants to be a runner. He even searched for manuals and guides for runners. HAHAHA!


  • He is a fighter. Give him a cause, he’ll fight for it. Oppositions may come but he will stick with the fight. Try to stop him and you will fail.


  • He is a very patient and incredible discipler. He values his cell group so much. He sets examples for them to follow. He sheds out money, time and effort for these boys. He believes that he can make a difference in their lives and he is willing to give his best shot for his disciples.


  • He is a disciple as well. He is very submissive and loyal to his leader.


  • How he loves his family so much. He is willing to do anything and everything for his family.


  • He is a very loving kuya. Whenever I see him with Jaries, I am touched by how much he cares for his sister and how he loves to see his sister happy.


  • He is a very sweet son to his mother. He was away with his mother for some years and I have witnessed how he longs to be with her. When he got reunited with his mother, I also witnessed how blissful that moment was for him.


  • He never fails to remember his father. He is very thoughtful. When it was him and his father living together, he always buys pasalubong for his papa.


  • He is a reliable brother in Christ. He has lots of brothers in our church and they love him because they know that he is somebody that they can always rely on.


  • He is a Belieber. Oh I mean, he is a believer. HAHAHA! This picture goes to prove that he is a promising artist and heartthrob like Justin. Ya’ know!


  • Presenting, Bruno MAC! He will love you just the way you are. This is another proof that he has a good chance of getting into show business. (raise your hand if you agree!)


  • And this is the early sign that he really is a celebrity. Look at him, Francis MACalona. Do you agree, mga kababayan ko? Break it down!


  • Uhmmm.. Please forgive him if he gets crazy sometimes.


  • Hey ya everyone, he is a potential gangster! He has this angas factor that makes people look up to him. Yo!


  • He is very curious. He likes to explore and wander about the world around him. He is not afraid to try out new things that might add into his skills or knowledge.


  • He is camera ready. Point that camera to him and he’ll give you an amazing pose! Click!


  • He thinks out of the box. He has oozing creative juices. You can never limit what he can offer. He has a different and unconventional way of doing things.


  • You got it right fellas; he is a YouTube sensation if you haven’t heard. You don’t wanna believe? Check it out!


  • He is practical. It’s cheaper and faster to bring a motorcycle going to work than to bring a car. But of course, he also wants to have a car.


  • He is a secret model, in case you don’t know!


  • He hibernates easily. Put him on a chair, near a wall, in the table, in the car and he’ll hibernate.


  • He is a No Boundary person. Tell him and he’ll make a way. Look at that photo. He doesn’t mind going up the grills just to see what’s happening down there. Gread idea huh.


  • He is Mr. Rayban he likes wearing shades. everytime that there’s an outdoor thingy, always expect that he’s gonna put his shades on at any moment. COOL!


  • He knows how to have fun. He is a very jolly person and he enjoys unique and special moments.


  • He is unstoppable. No weapon formed against him will prosper. The devil shakes when he opens his eyes every morning. That’s for sure.


  • I discovered this lately. HE IS A ROMANTIC PERSON. I was shocked but yeah, he is. And maybe he’ll surprise us in the coming days on his “the moves”. Watch out!


  • He is one amazing person. He is fun to be with. You’ll never regret knowing him. He has lots of energies, potentials and talents in him and through his blog, he’s gonna share it all out to you. So subscribe now and get to know more shades of MAC. 🙂


Written by: My Love ❤


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