2016 – A supernatural year ahead

First of, I want to greet everybody a blessed and prospoerous new year! 2015 might be a tough one but be thankful because it’s God’s way to jump start our 2016. As a wise man said, “Always have an attitude of gratitude.” Be thankful for 2015, learn the lessons, move on, and do something new in 2016.

So what’s on my 2016 Pipeline? *other two disciples are not present in the photo for some reasons*

As a cell group leader, I’m praying for a growing and multiplying year for my ministry and my church. As we look back, 2015 was a roller coaster ride, but we manage to stay intact. That’s why this year, I’m pretty sure that we will hit high scores and everybody will take the challenge in taking part in the nation transformation vision that we are doing.

There might be challenges along the way, there might be battles to be won, but with passion, heart, commitment, humility and love for God I’m sure we can do greater this year. The best is yet to come!

My family has been my inspiration throughout the years. They are the liver spread in my pandesal, the bagoong in my kare-kare, the puto in my dinuguan. (I’m sorry, writing this makes me hungry.)

I look forward to a better, stronger, blessed family this year. We are not a perfect family but atleast I’m assured that  Jesus is the center of our family.

The passion lives on. Still designing better apps. But this year I want to take another level, like going Full Stack? (Full Stack – a person who knows how to design and knows how to code at the same time.)

I might consider managing a team this year. I do have some leadership skills on my bag ready to be brought out to the open.

This year for us? I’m not sure. But one thing is for sure, our love with one another grows deeper everyday. Huge thanks to Jesus, the author of love. We love because Jesus loved us first. I’m excited really. Every moment is a surprise. Of course there might be arguments, fights, misunderstandings along the way, but together I believe we can settle. Two heads are better than one right? Never been so happy since she came into my life. And I know that happy moments are yet to come as we go deeper and farther with our relationship.

There are a lot of things to do this year. And I’m very excited really. Really! Btw, I’ve disconnected myself to social networks so as you know. The reason is in my next blog post. Happy New Year!


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