What I’ve learned so far from leaving the “Social Network” world


I’ve disconnected myself to all my social network accounts. Really. Drastic? Yeah maybe.

Have you ever been in a situation where you regularly open your fridge even though you’re not hungry? It happens. And yes, it happens to me.

Social networking sites has been my life for the past 9-10 years. I’ve enjoyed every moment of my stay. Found new and old friends, shared some thoughts, gathered a lot of photo’s and memories, got a lot of appreciations, relive moments and all that. Social networking sites has been a part of my daily life and eventually becomes my life. And last week, I’ve decided to leave.

But why?

Many people might find it crazy but I don’t feel any sense of fulfilment anymore. It’s like you’re enjoying a bar of chocolates and suddenly you realize that hamburger is what you really wanted to eat. A change of heart maybe? But there’s a lot of reason why I’ve come up with this decision:

It waste a lot of my time

I have to confess this time. The moment I wake up, i don’t really grab my bible and start reading it like every Christian should do. Instead, I grab my iPhone and check notifications early in the morning. What a waste. I’ve been doing it for months and I found myself having less time with God’s word (Sometimes, I cram and immediately prepare to go to work without doing my devotional. Please don’t follow these if you are a disciple). Before I go to sleep at night, instead of spending time in prayer, I often sleep with my iPhone on my hand with the Facebook app opened.

It distracts me

At work, instead of fixing problems and doing the work I’m paid to do, I spend more time checking notifications.

In church, instead of listening to my Pastor’s life changing messages, I twit stuff on twitter trying to be someone “Likeable”.

It stresses me out

Sometimes, reading my news feed alone can stress me out. A post from a relative who is provoking a fight, a young lady who cannot move on with her life, and an old friend that talks behind your back, ENOUGH!

It forces me to think

“Ano kayang magandang caption?” — if you were once in this position, then realize that social network sites forces you to think. A simple selfie photo can force you to think a better caption so that you will become someone “likeable”. Sometimes, I want to relax my mind, but posting stuff forces me to think.

Social network sites become a Highlight Reel for many people including me.

They have become too many

500-600 friends in Facebook, 500+ followers in Instagram, 300+ followers/following in Twitter, 20+ friend request in Facebook, but really my true friends and family members are around 50-60 only. How’s that?

I don’t like it really

You know a guy, an old friend maybe, that consistently liking every posts you make. I mean, really dude? Seriously? And you begin to “auto-like” a post of a person because he/she’s someone close to you.

I’ve become so unproductive

In relation to wasting time, wasted time is unproductive time. I can’t even help in the household chores! At work, I can’t even finish a task that is due. *face palm*

Those notifications, i tried turning everything off. But still checking the app every now and then. You know the feeling of Eve when she was being lured by the evil one in the book of Genesis? It happens to me. Like someone is whispering “Open the app.. Open the app..”

Can’t sleep well

You’ve been in a chat late at night and you heard a bad news, you can’t sleep because you are somehow affected of what happen. And you realize that you have to be at work early in the morning. What to do? Being so affected sometimes brings discomfort. We become affected with things because we have emotions and sometimes it affects our daily lives even our sleep.

So, today marks my first week without social network. I’ve never felt this sense of satisfaction and freedom for a long time. I feel human again, I feel alive! I have more time in my devotional. I have more time to spend to more important things in my life. Even have time to write a blog oh my God! It also makes me enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed. Also have a chance to talk and have fellowship with the people around me.

I’m thankful I’ve made this decision. I’m so happy and fulfilled!


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