The making of “Stethoscope”

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 4.50.07 PM

“Real life. Everything should be real life. The storyline should be real life. The cast should be real life. The location should be real life. The wardrobe should be real life. The props should be real life. We will not fake it, we are going to make everything real life.”

Those were actually the exact words in my mind when we were planning about doing this short film. We don’t have the perfect tools, the perfect cast, the perfect set, but we were eager to win.

BTW, this short film was our entry for our annual christmas party presentation in church. The winner will enjoy a cash prize and a year of bragging rights. So expect the competition was going to be tough. 🙂

Okay let me tell you a little background.

We were asked to come up with a presentation with a theme given by our leaders in church. The theme was “Buhay HPCI Grace Park” (Life in HPCI Grace Park). In my mind back then, “It’s easy! Let’s just be who really are. Let’s share our talents. Let’s sing, dance and act at the same time while portraying a story.”. So we gather the group and talked about this idea. It was a sunday.

The next day, I’ve talked with some of the leaders in our group and we realize that we don’t have enough time to practice, to teach, to write a script and all given it will be presented the following sunday. So we decided to shoot a video instead. We have agreed to plan everything for that entire week and have 1 day shooting. All set, but not yet.

Story — Have you ever watched a Thai ad? Trust me, their simple CCTV camera ad will make you cry like a baby. Haha 🙂 We got the idea from a Thai Life Plan ad. Before shooting the film, we let everybody watch it so we can gather some emotional air.


Casts — The people that had been selected are hand picked. Thanks to Joanna Marie “Pichie” Conchada, one of the primary leaders. She was assigned to select the casts and she have selected the best.

Everyone was an amateur. We understand that. So we make sure they are enjoying and we make them feel relaxed all throughout.

Location — This was kinda challenging as we wanted to be more “real”. After all the planning throughout the week, we have decided to shoot it on the following saturday. We are planning to shoot it half-day on a saturday for me, as the director and editor, can have ample time to do my stuff.

The craziest thing happened, it rained! We don’t expect it coming! But these guys are unstoppable, we do last minute adjustments on the location. We were actually planning to shoot in a school, in a home, a coffee shop and a random street. But because of the rain, we have to compromise on some location.

Another thing, when it’s raining, we should bring umbrella’s. So as you can see later on the video, most of the time they were holding umbrellas. Hehe.


Props & Wardrobe — We want to thank Tricia Galvez for letting us borrow her Stethoscope. She doesn’t have any idea why we borrowed it in the first place. Hahaha. Thank you for your kind heart. We wouldn’t have a story without it. 😀

The cast bring there own wardrobe. They are very resourceful!

Shooting the film was somehow challenging. I have to carry an umbrella for me to shoot outdoors. The film was shot entirely using iPhone 6 camera. Shout out to Josiah Diaz for allowing me to borrow and use he’s freshly bought stabilizer for iPhone. Hehe 🙂

Music  — While we were driving back home. We’re trying to find some fresh piano instrumentals. Good thing it’s traffic, we have enough time to listen to some tracks on my iPhone. Thanks to Nehemiah Defeo for suggesting music backgrounds for the film. The piano instrumental by the way was from Yiruma entitled “May be”. Click here.

Saturday night

This was the night. My caffeine intake was so high. Got home around 10pm because it’s our weekly g12 meeting that day. I immediately opened my laptop when I got home and not waste time. I finished everything at 3am then i murdered the play button, playing it over and over again until I feel satisfied. I was amazed. I did not really expect it to be like that. I was a bit nervous but excited. That night (morning I mean), I knew we will win. 🙂

Sunday – Showing day

Our group wanted to have an advance viewing but I decide to decline to keep the excitement up. First group presented and we are next. The hosts are calling our group to prepare, but no one was preparing as if no one cares. We turned off the lights, hit the play button, no one heard anything aside from the people who were screaming. In every scene, the people would scream out loud!

End of story, we won. 🙂 All glory to God!


If you’ve missed it, here’s the film, enjoy!


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